E3 2012: An Explorer In Trouble In These "Tomb Raider" Screens

Lara Croft versus the elements, some dudes in these new E3 images.

Bruised, battered, menaced, hungry, and alone, Lara Croft's upcoming adventure in the Tomb Raider reboot is a far cry from her PSOne and PC adventures from the way back. All you needed back then was a couple of guns, some sass, and maybe a few rampaging dinos to keep it interesting for players for the early 3D action-adventure game.

What a difference a decade a half makes, right? Crystal Dynamics has spent the last few years trying to figure out how to make the character more approachable to new audiences, and the idea they struck on was to lose the almost ridiculous self-assuredness and get the heroine back to her roots.

Now this could be an incredible opportunity to reinvent the character for a post-Uncharted gaming landscape and everything we've seen so far seems like an answer to Naughty Dog's franchise with an extra layer of dire/doom/danger piled on top. I, for one, like it, but let's hope Crystal Dynamics, in bringing her to her lowest point is able to swing the pendulum all the way back up to a cool, more confident Lara Croft by the time this game is done.

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