E3 2012: This New "Sleeping Dogs" Trailer Is Nothing To Bark At

Plus, we've got new screenshots after the jump.

How many of you out there have seen director Johnny To's Election films? Just electric, tense stuff about the blood-soaked election of the new boss of a Hong Kong Triad with action zipping back and forth between the island and mainland China. You should totally check it out.

Oh, Sleeping Dogs? Yeah, United Front Games' open world action title looks and feels nothing like that, but I thought I could provide a public service for those of you out there uneducated about To's films. Sleeping Dogs is nothing to sneeze at, though, offering martial arts, shooting, and driving action on the crime-ridden streets of Hong Kong.

Sink your teeth into these E3 screens:

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Sleeping Dogs is headed to the 360, PS3, and PC on August 14th.

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