E3 2012: U Know Wii Should Play "Pikmin 3"

At some point, U will forgive Mii for that title.

This morning, Nintendo revealed Pikmin 3 for the Wii U. Among the features in the sequel are a new Rock Pikmin that can be used to smash hard objects in the environment, as well as a Challenge Mode to test your fruit-picking skills.

The Wii U twist is that you can tilt the Wii GamePad to aim your Pikmin at targets while also using the second screen to follow the game's action. You can also replay the action from a level once you've completed it, using the GamePad to fast-forward and rewind your progress in the level. Plus, it's a much prettier game than it's previous-generation counterparts.

Pikmin 3 is due this holiday season.

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