Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto Join "Star Trek" Game Voice Cast

Pretty much the whole cast from the 2009 film reboot to voice their characters in the upcoming game from Digital Extremes and Namco Bandai.

Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana, and Karl Urban, John Cho, and Anton Yelchin are making their way to the small screen in Star Trek, reprising their roles from the film in the third-person shooter from The Darkness II developer Digital Extremes.

With the sequel on the way, Star Trek screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have collaborated with God of War writer Marianne Krawczyk to craft a story that presumably takes place between the two films. In the game, players can take on the role of either Kirk or Spock, each featuring their own combat skills in this over-the-shoulder shooter.

The game's enemies will be the lizard-like Gorn from the classic series' episode "The Arena." They're apparently bent on the whole galaxy domination thing and Kirk and Spock must team up to stop them. These enemies will come in several different classes, and present a variety of challenge types for Kirk and Spock, from brute force to poisoning and hallucination.

Star Trek will land on the 360, PS3, and PC sometime in early 2013.

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