E3 2012: Ubisoft Shows off "Splinter Cell: Blacklist," "Far Cry 3" and More

Ubisoft gets you hyped for the next year of gaming with killer tigers, naked girls, dancing girls, assassins, and government killers (who are also assassins).

The presentation kicked off with, what else, dancing girls. A six minute megamix of dance tracks—and Will Smith's "Wild, Wild West"—opened the show as part of the Just Dance 4 reveal. It was... something.

Moving on, we saw some gameplay footage from Far Cry 3. Featuring what I'm sure Ubisoft will tell us was some tasteful nudity, it features the game's hero, Jason, attempting to free a Polynesian island from pirates. In the demo, Jason stalks through the dense foliage of the jungle to stealth kill the nasty pirates and free the enslaved and abused locals. The bulk of the action was balanced between jungle locales and a shantytown as the pirate leader, Fas, taunts you over the PA system. Also, beware of the wild tigers and guys with flamethrowers. The whole thing ends with a hallucinogenic sequence hinting at the overall chemically-enhanced feel the team behind the game is going for with Far Cry 3.

Interesting fact: this is the third game today to feature brutal kills involving a bow and arrow.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist got more screen time with a new story trailer presenting Sam Fisher—the new head of spy shop Fourth Echelon—taking on the Blacklist. Seriously, is that a Michael Ironside-a-like?

Next, we got to peep Avengers: Battle for Earth's story trailer. The Wii U and Kinect title will be out this fall.

After last year's fantastic Rayman Origins, Ubisoft showed off the Wii U version of Rayman Legends with the Wii U's Pro Controller. The demo was predominantly focused on the two-player experience (with up to five possible in the final game), and a lot of touch and tap gameplay. Maybe I'm wrong, but there appeared to be a Lemmings feel to it as the player tilted the Wii U control touchscreen control to change the environment for Rayman and Globox to get to the exit, with a little bit of tracing to get to the end of the level.

Zombi U is a Wii U exclusive first-person zombie shooter set in London which is this year's entry in the category of "slow songs matching violence in trailers" (in this case, "God Save the Queen"). No gameplay here.

Assassin's Creed III was the next game to get a cinematic trailer. George Washington: confirmed.

The ACIII gameplay (running on a PS3) footage showed Connor traipsing through the trees and killing a buck with an arrow to collect venison for a mission. But his hunting was interrupted by a trio of wolves which he took out using a pistol and a shot behind his back. A group of Redcoats came to sticky ends at the edge of Connor's tomahawk in a combat sequence. He can use enemies as human shields as well as execute slo-mo finishers. Raiding a British fort, Connor blew up an ammo depot, creating a distraction in order to make his way to his assassination target.

Shootmania is an upcoming eSports shooter. Ever-present railguns and high jumps make this PC title look a lot like Unreal Tournament.

Finally, Ubisoft co-founder Yves Guillemot took the stage to present the technophobic trailer for Watch Dogs, a third-person espionage game. Your character, Adrian Pearce can hack and disable networked devices. Pearce can use a reticule to select and identify NPCs based on facial recognition software while breaking into and snooping on their phone calls. Later, he changes the timing on traffic lights to cause a pile-up involving his target, followed by a cover-based shootout. Later, the action pulls back to reveal that someone is allowing Pearce to get away with all of his gunplay at the end of this super-scripted sequence.

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