E3 2012: TwitchTV Gets Their First In-Game Integration With "The Showdown Effect"

TwitchTV will open up in-game streaming with the press of a button for the first time in the Paradox Interactive title.

The Showdown Effect is a multiplayer shooter in the style of 80's and 90's action movies and when it's released in the first quarter of next year, you can stream the action directly through TwitchTV. For the in-gaming streaming service/eSports hub, this means making it easier for gamers to share their time online with a title without any additional software or workarounds. For developer Paradox Effect, it's all about being able to expose players to their game with a button press.

This is pretty much in line with the aspirations that TwitchTV CEO Emmett Shear laid out when we spoke earlier this year. Going forward, the big "get" will have to be a AAA, mass-market title that's willing to embrace TwitchTV as a streaming option.

In addition to their big announcement, TwitchTV will be showing off some exclusive streams at their E3 booth from developers and publishers like SEGA, EA Games, 2K Games, and Capcom.

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