E3 2012: "Kingdom Hearts 3D" Gets a Trailer For the Big Show

Story and gameplay details make up the latest trailer for the July release.

I have to hand it to Square Enix in their marketing of Kingdom Hearts 3D: they've released a string of trailers and batches of screens for the upcoming sequel, but at no point did it ever feel excessive. It probably owes to the fact that none of the stuff they've released so far has plumbed super-deep into the story or tried to over-explain what's happening with the game. Consider it a Dark Knight Rises approach for the Square/Disney matchup, presenting just enough to get the casually curious even more curious still while whipping the series faithful up into a frenzy.

The press release touts varied gameplay styles for heroes Sora and Riku "as they take on the Mark of Mastery exam and uncover the mysteries of the Sleeping Worlds." This is the first in a promised series, so expect more in the near future.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will be available on the 3DS on July 31st.

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