E3 2012: People Can Fly, Epic Developing "Gears of War" Prequel

Featuring classes and a new batch of characters, Gears of War: Judgement brings Team Fortress-style gameplay to the cover-based shooter franchise.

Game Informer's upcoming issue will provide new details on the game, which is being developed by the Bulletstorm dev People Can Fly. According to the report, the story will take a step back 15 years before the first game in the series, focusing on resident COG techie Baird and the members of the Killo squad as the face charges for crimes against the Coalition of Ordered Governments. No word on how Baird and company (which includes Cole) go from cuffs to running and gunning, but if I have my Gears timeline right, this would set the game smack around "Emergence Day," the first major attack by the Locusts following the human on human Pendulum Wars.

According to the GI piece, the multiplayer will be class-based, in the mold of Team Fortress 2.

You can see the full-sized version of the Game Informer cover below.

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Look for more details from Judgement during today's Microsoft E3 briefing.

[Sources: GameInformer, CVG]

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