It's Official: Konami Announces "Zone of Enders" Sequel In the Works

Plus, Zone of Enders HD dated for October.

Not a ton of new details here about the next Zone of Enders game, simply titled Enders Project, but the second sequel to the PlayStation 2 mech combat game is currently being developed by Kojima Productions. The new game will use the developer's new, hyper-realistic Fox Engine, which is also being used for the next Metal Gear Solid project. Hideo Kojima took to Twitter to explain that he won't be heading development of this one up himself as director, serving instead as the Producer. Meanwhile, he provided some insight into the direction of Ender Project's gameplay:

No intention of changing the gameplay but there's 2 kinds of direction in term of the game world. One is Japanimetion style of Si_Fi robot, which is our original ZOE. The other is realistic live action style such as Xmen, Batman, or Spiderman that revolved from anime. To tell the truth, I want to have them both along w authentic sequel


What I take from that is the next ZOE will remain faithful to the third-person action of the originals while adding realistic weight and depth to the action.

Konami made the announcement over the weekend at a preview event for Zone of Enders HD which has been dated for October 25th in Japan for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. Additionally, the remake will receive the special edition pictured below for gamers willing to shell out the extra couple of bucks. No word on a U.S. release date.

[Source: Edge]

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