Post-apocalytpic Puzzle-platformer "Deadlight" Illuminated With This Story Trailer

The Tequila Works-developed game is headed to XBLA later this summer.

More details and screens after the jump.

Tequila Works' 80-s set apocalyptic shooter is headed our way in the next couple of months, and if there's one thing we can say for certain, in the minds of this Madrid-based developer, the future is going to be dark: downright light-free. That shadowy look—think Limbo but with less stylization—will be your world as you guide your nameless protagonist through and American wasteland.

Here's the official, very detail-light synopsis from the developer:

In an apocalyptic world where there is no reason to exist, a man crosses the American west coast. Surviving is much more than a daily routine in this original cinematic puzzle platformer.

And you can check out a batch of screens below:

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No word yet on pricing, but Deadlight will be published by Microsoft and available on XBLA.


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