Anarchy Reigns Launch Trailer Launches Prematurely

By Jeffrey Matulef

Despite not being due until at least July, Sega has released a launch trailer for Platinum Game's third-person brawler/fighting game hybrid, Anarchy Reigns.

Anarachy Reigns represents something of a departure from the studio that brought us Bayonetta, Vanquish, and Madworld. Where all those games were primarily single player experiences, Anarchy Reigns' focus is on the multiplayer. At least that's what one would wager given that the launch trailer doesn't even acknowledge the game's story mode until three minutes and 24 seconds in.

As thrilling as this trailer is, I wouldn't get too excited just yet as Anarchy Reigns' release date is up in the air. While the Japanese release date remains July 5, 2012, the North American and European releases previously slated for the same week have been changed to "TBC" by Sega. The Platinum Games blog reports that Anarchy Reigns will still be released in July in the West, adding that the game is "finished, localized, and ready to go." The Japanese version will have multiple language options available, so importers will still be able to access the game in a timely manner.

[Source: Platinum Games Blog via Eurogamer]

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