Zynga's "Zombie Swipeout" Invade the MTV Offices

The social gaming company's latest mobile title comes to (un)life and shambled into our office and took some of our blood for a good cause.

When promoting a game, you can get some bus benches painted with your muscular hero, or maybe put a mustachioed plumber up on a billboard. But nothing says "Hey, we've got a zombie game comin' out over here," like people in zombie costumes heading into your office, looking to draw some of your blood.

That's what happened at our offices this week as Farmville developer Zynga sent in the dead to head up a blood drive as part of a cross-country event (Zynga's blood-taking zombies were on the move in San Francisco, too).

No amount of screaming can stop the deadheads from breaking in!

We apologize if your calls to Geek don't get through today. Our receptionist is new...and dead!

All of this was part of a larger promotion for their upcoming mobile zombie slashing game, Zombie Swipeout. Here's Zynga's description of the title:

We call Zombie Swipeout the spiritual successor to ZombieSmash! Zombie Swipeout takes the category of slash games and strips it down to one, drop-dead, simple rule: don’t kill the good guy. The object of the game is to slash, slice, bludgeon, explode, and freeze as many zombies as possible without harming Joey, the lone human survivor from ZombieSmash! We’ve centered the game on one, massively social way to play: a weekly tournament where players compete against friends for the highest score.

The game includes an advanced leveling system where players unlock power-ups like grenades, slow mo, and liquid nitrogen and a full armory of sharp and blunt weapons from machetes and knight swords to baseball bats -- all with different perks.

Just a few zeds in the hallway. Move along. Move along.

These lunchtime business meetings are getting out hand!

We finally beat back the zombies. But not before they ate our intern...

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