Double Fine's "The Cave" To Be Published By SEGA

Ron Gilbert's new spelunking adventure game is coming to PC's and consoles in early 2013.

The side-scrolling adventure game hopes to mix that Maniac Mansion vibe in a subterranean (and other) settings next year. And that makes sense because the mastermind behind the game is Ron Gilbert, whose last project was the downloadable action-RPG Deathspank. The Cave will be more in Gilbert's wheelhouse, having served as a designer and writer on the likes of Tales of Monkey Island and recently Penny Arcade Adventures.

Like that venerable classic Maniac Mansion, in The Cave, you'll select three playable characters to help you navigate the game's sure to be perilous (and possibly stocked with odd things) locations.

Here's the typically goofy, enigmatic synopsis from the Double Fine team:

If you enjoy rappelling, spelunking and dark rocky caverns then be prepared to be disappointed! And then intrigued. And then AMAZED. And then disappointed again, but only for a minute. Then relieved, amused, bewildered, excited and satisfied. In that order. Your first clue that The Cave is a place like no other will come just after you assemble your team of three unlikely adventurers—each with their own unique personalities and skills—and stumble across a subterranean amusement park and a medieval castle, not to mention a fully armed and ready-to-launch nuclear-tipped ICBM.

If you're champing at the bit for more info on The Cave, our own Jeffrey Matulef has a healthy preview of it over at Eurogamer. You can check out developing info about The Cave on its just-launched official site.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the screens below:

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