"Shadow of the Colossus" Movie Being Developed Under "Chronicle" Director

The found-footage superhero movie director to lend his storytelling chops to the tale of a boy and 16 soon-to-be-dead colossi for Sony Pictures.

The Shadows of the Colossus live-action feature has been in the works for a little while now—all the way back to 2009. Rights owner Sony has presumably spent the last three years looking at the numbers and figuring out how to make the surely special effects-intensive feature have a workable budget. Well, what better way than to go to Josh Trank, whose $13 million Chronicle opened at $22 million for a total of almost $125 million worldwide.

It's all about scope, I suspect, and having someone who has a vision where that vision doesn't call for all of the money from everywhere forever to get it made. The 2005 game continues to get love from the critical and wider gaming community, so it was probably wise for Sony to pick a director with some geek bona fides to head this up, while also bringing on a director whose previous work wider audiences are apt to be familiar with (plus, he's developing the Fantastic Four reboot as well as Venom spinoff and if those get off the ground before Shadow, all the better).

It's still early so no word on cast, story, or start date.

[Source: Deadline]

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