Kickstartin': Developer Massive Black Is Building a "Zombie Playground"

Why yes, it is "an online, team based, action arena game with RPG elements" featuring a group of grade school students fending off the undead. More information about this PC/Mac title after the jump.

Massive Black wants to take gamers back to middle school with their project which has a goal of $100,000, and is currently at about 12% of their target with 34 days to go. The developers describe their game as a mix of third-person shooter and action RPG featuring character progression and unlockable abilities along with weapon and clothing upgrades for your tiny zombie-killing terrors.

The development team is made up of BioWare vets (Jason Chan, Senior Artist, who gets top billing in the About section), and music producers/artists Aesop Rock and Shawn Lee. Massive Black isn't exactly an indie startup, though, the San Francisco studio having provided development support on titles like Infamous 2, and most recently, Starhawk.

The current $100k milestone will allow the team to build an alpha version of Zombie Playground with two playable characters (one ranged, one melee) along with the game's proposed progression system, and right now the plan is to draw on films and TV series like Attack the Block, Goonies, and The Walking Dead as points of inspiration. However it looks like Massive Black would really like to reach something far north of that target with $2 million being the point at which they believe they can start building the complete game, featuring the full school location, multiple classes, and additional game modes.

You can find out more about Zombie Playground on its official site, and if you wish to check out its Kickstarter campaign, head right on over there.

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