New 3DS Castlevania on the Way. Possible Lords of Shadow Spinoff?

By Jeffrey Matulef

Konami has revealed a new Castelvania game in the works, according to Dutch website, N1ntendo (translated by NeoGAF user Sadist). The upcoming Castlevania: Mirror of Faith will be a 3DS exclusive, set to be shown at this year's E3 in two weeks.

The only detail given is that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer, David Cox, and director/writer Enric Alvarez are working on Mirror of Faith, suggesting this may be a sequel or spinoff of that game. Since Lords of Shadow ended with a peculiar cliffhanger, the presence of another title in the reboot's canon bodes well for an upcoming console sequel.

I hope that the 3DS game is still 2D, though. I loved Lords of Shadow, but most 3D handheld games feel like watered down console ports, especially with the 3DS's lack of a built in second analogue stick. Meanwhile, the 2D Castlevanias have flourished brilliantly on handhelds, and with the most recent entry in the portable line being 2008's Order of Ecclesia we're long overdue for a new one.

[Source: N1ntendo via Eurogamer]

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