Leap Motion Is Your Highly Accurate Motion Control Device for PCs

The new gestural control device for PCs promises to track movement within 1/100th of a millimeter, provide more accurate pointing and shooting at your monitor.

The device, which is up for preorder now, aims to replace mouse controls on PCs with what its developers estimate is something like 200 times the accuracy of comparable products on the market. The Leap device "creates a 3D interaction space of 8 cubic feet to precisely interact with and control software on your laptop or desktop," albeit without the benefit of a forward-facing camera or traditional infrared input. According to the About page for the device, setup simply entails a quick software stall and then a single wave to calibrate it, and the Leap simply plugs in using a standard USB port.

The device's SDK is available now for any budding developers out there who'd like to create tools and applications for the device which measure at about the size of an iPod (certainly the shape and look of the thing is no accident, bringing to mind the sleekness and gloss of Cupertino's products).

You can preorder the LEAP here for $69.99—but hurry, because preorder quantities are in limited supply.

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