Dispatches From "Ghost Recon:" "Future Soldier" Gets a Song, "Commander" Released

Recording artist Kendrick Lamar is inspired to pen a song for the upcoming tactical shooter while the free-to-play social game goes live on Facebook.

First up, let's look at Ghost Recon: Commander which launched today on Facebook. Developed by Loot Drop (Commander is their first release), the game features 10 replayable missions with stop and start gameplay. It's interesting that they mention missions since usually these things are intended to be way more open-ended from the outset.

In the game, you'll create your own "Ghost" and outfit him or her with the best and baddest in near-future tech, and features asynchronous co-op, meaning your friends can drop in assists as they would in the Marvel Facebook game. Playing Ghost Recon Commander will unlock bonuses in the Future Soldier campaign like skins and weapons.

You can check out some screens below:

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Then there's Kendrick Lamar's track "War Is My Love." Here's the artist on the why of this song:

"When I recorded ‘War Is My Love,’ I did my best to put myself in the shoes of the Ghosts from the video game and capture that feeling of being willing to wage war and do whatever it takes to claim victory,” said Kendrick Lamar. “And when I started really getting into the game, I thought it actually matched perfectly.”

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be available tomorrow for the 360 and PS3 and June 12th on the PC.

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