Starship EX-Troopers; Capcom Releases 'EX-Troopers' Debut Trailer

By Jeffrey Matulef

Just yesterday we wrote about the forthcoming anime-inspired Lost Planet spin-off, EX-Troopers. Capcom has since released the first trailer for the game, showing off both the cel-shaded art and third-person combat. EX-Trooper's school setting is also on display, suggesting a Persona 3 and 4-like situation where you talk to classmates and possibly level up between mission. Less speculative is that the game will have grappling hooks, jetpacks, giant bugs, mechs, and otomatopes. Despite taking place on a frozen wasteland planet, the bright color give this iteration of the series a much warmer vibe, which is fitting as producer Shintaro Kojima (Monster Hunter) referred to it as a "beginners' action shooter."

EX-Troopers is due for release in Japan by the end of this year on PS3 and 3DS, with no word yet on a western release.

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