"Diablo III" Not Having the Smoothest Launch

Activision Blizzard's long-awaited sequel is out in the wild, but bugs and server issues are keeping some gamers from being able to play it.

The user reviews over on Metacritic aren't always especially instructive if you want some kind of assessment of a game, but they're useful if you want to know how the community feels about a game (whether it's out or not). And right now, some very vocal Diablo III fans aren't feeling to high on the game, which launched yesterday (or Tuesday at Midnight, if you're the stay-up-and-stay-in-line type).*

It's not just on Metacritic, of course (if we kept basing posts on Metacritic user reviews, we'd never lack for incendiary, flame-baiting content)—the game's forums over at Battlenet are pretty well lit up with user concerns, mostly centering on pervasive server issues which have been affecting the game when presumably everyone with a PC anywhere decided to log on and play all at once. Among the issues being reported by players: an inability to start up global matchmaking, decryption errors related to corrupt installation files, and of course, the pernicious Error 37 which indicates a full server. Blizzard has posted a list of some of the errors you might encounter right now (and handily, some fixes), so if you're one of the affected gamers, you might want to check it out now.

Also, around 2:15 PM PDT yesterday, Blizzard took the servers down for about an hour to apply bug fixes to some of the issues that gamers have been reporting.

So what's your experience been like? Have you been happily playing Diablo III since launch, blissfully unaware of the problems above? Or has the last day and a half simply been a parade of error messages?

*The "best" is the guy who gives the game a "10" while ranting that he's been waiting a decade for the game, he wants his money back, he's "SO ANGRY SORRY:(."

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