"Theatryhthm Final Fantasy" Goes Chaotic In New Screens

New screens show off the rhythm-based RPG's Chaos Shrine.

With a sprawling cast of characters from Final Fantasy titles past and present, you didn't think you'd be able to just crank up the 3DS title and play them all? You'll have to unlock characters, items, and new snogs as part of the Chaos Shrine, which involves playing "mysterious music scores called Dark Notes."

Here are the details from Square Enix:

Chaos Shrine is a game mode unlocked by gaining Rhythmia when clearing songs. In the Chaos Shrine, you can play mysterious music scores called Dark Notes, which are randomly generated combinations of field and battle songs. Players can share Dark Notes via the StreetPass feature or through Nintendo 3DS Local Play.

In the Chaos Shrine, players can unlock new characters, find rare items, and play new songs.

There is no embargo for this information. Please feel free to post at your earliest convenience.

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Theatryhthm Final Fantasy will be available for the 3DS on July 3rd.

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