Gearbox Drops Some Fat Purps With a Grip of New Gameplay Walkthrough Videos Starring Maya and Salvador

I wholly apologize for that title but I always gets little too excited for anything Borderlands. A couple of Gearbox devs takes us around the block with two of the four characters filling out the sequel's roster. Above is a tour of the new siren class, Maya, while Salvador (who is more and more becoming the face of Borderlands 2) shows off his skills in two more clips after the jump!

I won't get into too much detail because you're really here to see the bright and shiny new graphics in motion. A few changes have been made to the Siren as she can now hypnotize enemies and perform a 'phase lock'- hoisting a baddie helplessly into the air. You'll also notice that missions may branch out allowing a little more variety rather than the loot-n-shoot cycle.

As you can see Salvador seems to be channeling his Gunzerker class and is able to duel-wield some sick looking hardware. I'll let his little friends do the rest of the talking.

The action looks to be intense and I can't wait to jump in with a posse of friends and nabbing those rare gun drops!

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