Wii and 3DS Exclusive 'Transformers Prime' Gets a Gameplay Trailer

Check out the first game based on the newest animated series in motion.

Well, it's more of a story trailer with in-game footage, but we won't get too particular here. If you haven't watched the show, Transformers Prime is a reinvention/reboot of the classic franchise done entirely in serviceable to very good CG and featuring Peter Cullen and Frank Welker in their iconic roles as Optimus and Megatron. The "Dark Energon" they keep talking about in the trailer is the purple glowing substance which can bring dead Transformers back to life. Megatron bites it fairly early on in the first season and is essentially sidelined as a threat for quite a number of episodes, so based on what we're seeing here, it looks like this is all taking place either after the first season or sometime in the second (if it has anything to do with the show's continuity at all).

Transformers Prime will be available later this year.

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