First Footage of Sony's PS Vita Dark Fantasy Action Game 'Soul Sacrifice" Emerges

By Jeffrey Matulef

It always strikes me as silly when publishers release a trailer for a trailer, but I'll be darned if this teaser for the PS Vita fantasy-action game, Soul Sacrifice, doesn't pique my curiosity.

Upon face value, its gritty dark fantasy aesthetic and title resemble From Software's Demon's Souls series, but Soul Sacrifice is being developed by Sony's Japan Studio rather than From Software. Japan Studio did play a hand in creating Demon's Souls, however, and Sony owns the IP, so a spinoff remains a possible, albeit unlikely scenario.

Last month an ad for the game was leaked from the upcoming issue of Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu. Part of the ad translates to, "the action game that shakes your soul."

A Flash ad after the teaser cryptically explains, "It's not about cooperation," before adding "It's about fighting shoulder to shoulder." This hints at some sort of mix between competitive and cooperative gaming, and the whole thing looks like a very bleak Monster Hunter.

Thankfully, we won't have to wait long to find out more. The game's official reveal will be Thurs, May 10th, where Sony will hold an announcement event for the game in Tokyo, Japan.

[Source: Sony via Joystiq]

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