New Video Game Releases for the Week of 5/8: Crafty Games Edition

Space miners, pixel miners, and first-person mystery provide us with our gaming entertainment this week

Title: Starhawk

Platform(s): PS3

The spiritual successor to Warhawk goes space Western in this vehicular and ground-based action shooter. Unlike Warhawk, which had the feel of a space-based Battlfield, Starhawk has added RTS elements, along with an full single-player campaign. You know the drill: you're just a simple space miner, trying to eke out a living when you're caught between two rival factions fighting over a rare energy source. Oh yeah, and you get infected by said energy source, and also there are swarms of rockets.

Multiplayer is going big again, with 32 players although right now the modes seem a little sparse with Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team DM, and Zones mode, but perhaps down the line developer Lightbox Interactive can work in some more objective-style game modes to mix things up a bit.

Title: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Platform(s): XBLA

In case you haven't been playing Mojang's make-build-destroy anything Minecraft on the PC, well it's coming to Xbox LIVE this week. Offering 1-4 player offline co-op or 1-8 online, it's the same Minecraft experience you've been really, really into for the last couple of years (or hearing about all over the place) albeit now it's on your console.

Title: Datura

Platform(s): PSN

And in the most interesting release this week, we've got the first-person mystery game from Sony's Santa Monica studio, developed by Plastic (Linger In Shadows). You play as the title character, who wanders the forest, encountering multiple decision points and characters in this PlayStation Move-supported game (it also supports 3D, although neither feature is mandatory). Frankly, it looks curious as all get-out and might be worth your $9.99 just to see what Plastic has cooked up here.

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