'The Elder Scrolls Online' Details... Online

Contents of June's Game Informer reveal have made their way onto the Internet.

Stylized, slightly cartoon-y graphics, a third-person view, and no houses—these are some of the things we can look forward to in The Elder Scrolls Online according to a leak of the June Game Informer issue. From the sounds of it, TES isn't too far off-model from your typical MMO. Real-time combat isn't happening, and at least part of the game will take place in Cyrodiil, along with Skyrim, Morrowind, Summerset Isle and Elsewyr.

Here's a rundown of what we can expect:

  • The game will be fully-voiced, although no word on whether it will involve choice list-style conversations.
  • Unfortunately, no player werewolves or vampires.
  • PvP will occur in Cyrodiil, with each side battling it out over forts, mines, and farms, with the inclusion of siege weaponry. The goal will be to overtake the city and get your side's top-scoring player crowned emperor.
  • You'll be keeping an eye on your stamina, which controls blocking, sprinting, and escaping incapacitating/stun effects.
  • Classes will be able to combine abilities during combat (an example from the Eurogamer piece: "A mage may create a firestorm and a fighter spin within it, creating a cyclone.")
  • As in the single-player game, you'll be able to join the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood, Fighters' Guild and Mage academy. And as with the single-player game, you'll keep and improve your position based on reputation.
  • Crafting, stealth, and fast travel will all be features. Mounts haven't been detailed yet, though.
  • It's being powered by the HeroEngine, the same engine behind Star Wars: The Old Republic.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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