'Black Ops II' Intel Roundup

What we know, what we've seen, and what we can guess about the November release.

Hello there, Call of Duty fan. Surely, the new trailer has done plenty to get you excited about Treyarch's sequel. Haven't seen it yet (or just want to see it again)?

Great. Now here's a roundup of some of what we know about the game:

An enemy from the past, a branching future [Giantbomb]: Black Ops II features the return of one of the heavies from the first Black Ops, Cold War villain Raoul Menendez and a conflict having to do with China's stranglehold on rare elements. Moreover, Black Ops II will include some minor branching at the ends of missions, depending on how you achieve your objectives.

"Strike Force" lets you mix things up in single player [IGN]: The new mode allows you to drop into missions as part of a Black Ops team. You're able to swap between multiple units and characters will an array of objectives that you can complete at your own pace.

L.A. will be in flames [Game Informer]: "One late-game mission sees the antagonist using an armada of unmanned drone aircraft to attack the G-20 summit in downtown Los Angeles. The Chinese know they didn’t send the drones, and their confusion is amplified when U.S. drones are sent to attack their homeland. We don’t yet know Menendez’s motives, but the mission we saw made his destructive capabilities more than apparent." Black Ops II will also feature sequences set in the 1980s early in the game.

Of course, we'll see zombies again. [Destructoid]

The president is a woman, so are some of your fellow pilots [Kotaku]: Not exactly the sea change in the gender imbalance found throughout most of the series, but it's a noticeable shift in a series that has traditionally been shy about putting female characters in the crosshairs.

Don't forget our own wishlist of features for Black Ops II [10 Things We Hope Make It Into In 'Black Ops II']

Finally, we have a new batch of screenshots from Activision for the game. Feast your eyes on the future of war:

[gallery link="file" exclude="74883,74882"]

Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be available on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on November 13th.

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