PAX Prime Sells out of Three Day Passes in a Few Hours. Saturday Passes Gone Too!

By Jeffrey Matulef

Update: ALL PAX Prime passes are sold out. That was fast! We hope you got them in time!

We warned you last week that these would go fast, but I don't think even Nostradamus could have predicted that they'd go THIS fast. The PAX Prime registration site began selling passes the morning of April 25th, only for the site to quickly shut down due to technical difficulties. Registration only just reoppened yesterday around 2p.m. PST before all three day passes were sold out after approximately four hours. Sheesh!

This just in: Saturday passes are also sold out!

Three day passes were $65, with individual day passes priced at $35. Only Friday and Sunday passes are left and we'd HIGHLY reccomend buying these now if you're even considering going.

PAX's official twitter account read, "Well... that was unexpected. We are now entirely out of three day passes for PAX Prime 2012. Single day passes are still available. Wow."

The PAX Prime registration site added, "We're shocked to be writing this... but we're completely out of 3-Day badges for PAX Prime 2012. There are still single day passes, and while it's impossible to say how long they will last, it is fair to say "not very long."

"But to be perfectly clear: Three-Day passes are gone for good, and the only way to attend PAX is to grab the single day passes that are still available."

[Source: TwitterPAXsite]

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