10 Things We Hope Make It Into In 'Black Ops II'

Okay, we're all duly curious/impressed with last night's Black Ops II reveal, but now the real fun begins (at least for us writing about the game, you readers out there might disagree): let's play "what if/what we want" with Treyarch's upcoming shooter. Below are 10 things we hope make their way into Black Ops II (and well, a couple that we're not so keen on seeing). We're sure to start getting a flood of information about the game heading into E3, but let's bask in this glorious moment of what could be.

10. In-campaign character customization

Let's start out with a small one, but in a series that's so big on progression and customization in the online modes, it would be great if you were able to translate that ability to speed-run through the first mission into some new swag for your campaign character. Maybe even some upgraded loadouts.

All I'm saying is, I wanna give my military dude some new, non-default threads in the campaign. Maybe some shades.

9. Let's figure out how to make Modern Warfare maps work with Black Ops

Total blue sky stuff here, but one of the more frustrating elements of each annual CoD release is how it ultimately fragments the user base for the previous game. Wouldn't it just be fantastic if Black Ops II and subsequent sequels allowed you to keep using all of that DLC you paid for in expansive multiplayer hoppers? More maps never hurt anyone.

8. Go a little more Battlefield with the multiplayer battlefield

Given that mechs and the like will be making their way into the game, it's time for Call of Duty to start mixing in wider, more open maps along with the close quarters of previous entries. I'm not saying the series should abandon something so fundamental to the way multiplayer operates, but it would be great if Black Ops II were able to mix it up and give you a larger playground to mess around in online.

7. Multipurpose drones

These little hovering menaces will have arms onboard, yes and they're probably fantastic eyes in the sky. But what if they could do more than get their gun on? I'm thinking mini-EMPs to nuke enemy equipment and HUD in a localized area, or collecting weapons and ammo from fallen foes.

6. A standalone mode that's all mechs, all the time

C'mon, Treyarch, it'll like having your own mini version of Mech Assault. That's all we're asking for here.

5. No more Middle Eastern terrorists

I'm sure I've gone on at exhausting length about the whole, "shooting people who speak Arabic" thing being kind of a dead end for games, but one more time: this is a narrative and creative dead end, so please stop it. With that having been said, I'm encouraged by a bit in this Giantbomb piece about the heavy this time out being the first Black Ops' nemesis, Raoul Menendez. Reawakening paranoid Cold War fears might be an interesting direction for the series to go in heading into the year 2025.

4. The rise of the machines

So we know part of the story will involve the new enemy in the game getting control of those shiny, dangerous automated weapons (and I can imagine at some point, you'll have to abandon your own tanks, jeeps, mechs, and jets, for the horseback sequences in the trailer). Now what if our heavy lost control of his own hijacked control? I'm talking full-on SkyNet here: rampaging mechs, a battle between man and machine, mano a mechanico.

3. Big, crazy weapons

I suspect Ghost Recon Future Soldier might have us all covered in the way of highly-researched, meticulously detailed near-future tools of destruction. So what if Black Ops II went another way beyond the what we can reasonably expect from weapons manufacturers 13 years from now. I'm talking homing bullets. A sound that kills. Something with the words "death ray" in it. I'm not saying Black Ops II has to go all Syndicate on us, but somewhere between that and guns with fancier scopes would be the way to go, in my mind.

2. A little more sandbox for this battlefield

Black Ops II looks like it'll have even more toys for us to play with out there with a likely host of new guns and equipment choices: so don't constrain us to just a super-narrow path with only a couple of options to use them. This is a broader complaint about a recent shooters in general, but more varied weapon drops and multiple approaches to campaign objectives would really open up the series in a way that it hasn't been for a little while now.

1. Call of Duty... In space!

I can't be the only one who still lingers on the reveal from Modern Warfare 2 all those years back and the tantalizing snippet of scenes set in orbit. "Wait," I and million other fans of the series thought, "does this mean we'll be getting our gun on in zero-g? Alas, it was not to be. And while space station combat comes with a host of plausibility issues and accidental vacuum-related terrors, how fantastic would be be to have zero-gravity environments to play around in for the campaign and multiplayer.

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