Behold, the 'Black Ops II' Trailer


Mechs, drones, and a cranky vet mark the debut trailer of the latest from Treyarch and Activision.

I got a couple of things right, yeah? Surprising no one, Black Ops returns, making the jump to the year 2025. Narrated by retired Marine Frank Woods (a character from the first Black Ops), we get our first glimpse at the future conflicts and conflicts in the future and the advanced tech they'll be using to wage it. That means tanks with legs, stealth jets, drones, and... horses?

Of course, this trailer doesn't really give any hints at the overarching story beyond someone getting hold of the big guns, but I'm a little leery of dudes in native headdress waving their rifles, the gaming shorthand for "scary terrorist-types." Maybe Treyarch will zig where it looks like they're about to zag and deviate from the same old same old folks in the Middle East as bogeymen.

As of this writing, the Call of Duty site is apparently being hammered, but we'll see what they have up their sleeves when Black Ops II makes its debut on November 13.

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