Non-Gaming News Extra: 'Dragon Age' Gets More Story With 'Those Who Speak' Mini

The upcoming Dark Horse miniseries promises pirates and cults for August.

Remember Alistair, the sort of touchy knight from Dragon Age: Origins? Well, his ascension to the crown is canon, and Dark Horse and BioWare have teamed up to extend his story with the August 22nd release of Dragon Age: Origins: Those Who Speak. As is the way with things, BioWare talent has been brought on board to write the story, with DA: O lead writer David Gaider (he's also responsible for the Dragon Age tie-in novels) and Alexander Freed, senior writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Here's the official synopsis for the mini as well as the hardcover announcement for the previous miniseries, The Silent Grove:

Written by David Gaider, lead writer of the Dragon Age series, and Alexander Freed, senior writer for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, Those Who Speak expands on the story of King Alistair, as he travels to an empire of evil mages to uncover the fate of his lost father. Accompanied by the pirate captain Isabela and the underworld merchant Varric, King Alistair will stop at nothing to learn the truth, even if it means battling an army of cultists single-handedly. The first issue of Dragon Age: Those Who Speak will be available on comic book stands on August 22.

Additionally, Dragon Age™: The Silent Grove will be available in a hardcover edition on July 25. Previously available only in the Dark Horse Digital store, Dragon Age: The Silent Grove is the perfect companion to the Dragon Age universe.

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