New 'Call of Duty' Warns That We're Not Ready For the Future

Drone videos, off-center photos, and borrowing from Sony's late-90's ad campaign ("You are not ready") is how Activision plans to keep you hyped about tonight's Call of Duty Announcement.

Right now the official site is still mostly a bank of blank screens punctuated by the occasional, enigmatic or downright obscure image, can we all just agree that tonight's Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 reveal will be set in the future? Let's say, 10 years hence? That's my best guess based on the fake drone enthusiast's video up above (where our host points to this technology not being available for another decade, at least) and nothing else but otherwise baseless, wild assumptions. Although it would fit with Treyarch's recent efforts to remain unbound by any specific time period for their last two CoD games, setting World at War in the Pacific theater of WWII, then shifting all around the Cold War with Black Ops. Maybe the studio has decided that now is the time to give gamers some freakin' laser guns to take out the enemy with.Speaking of the enemy, another video on the site (sorry, no embed available) claims that the enemy could be anyone, anywhere. Are we dealing with more broadly-defined terrorist shenanigans or could there be some kind of sci-fi bent to what Treyarch has in store for the next game.With the NBA Playoffs airing tonight on TNT (along with the new Call of Duty trailer), it looks like we'll find out the answers to at least some of these questions sooner rather than later. Related posts:Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter Concludes a Massive Success

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