It's Time To Get Tricky With 'SSX' DLC

The latest release in the SSX series was both a triumphant return, and a bit of a letdown. The game was expertly crafted, included hours upon hours of gameplay, and finally brought the series to this console generation. However, for everything that SSX included, there was one glaring omission; the over-the-top gameplay that fans of the series had come to know and love. Only a couple months after hitting store shelves, EA is listening to its audience and offering up a round of DLC that should help stir up some much needed nostalgia for SSX fans. The Mt. Eddie pack helps bring SSX back to its roots, while helping push the series forward at the same time.

During the last console generation, SSX was known for being the snowboarding game that went big, combining otherworldly physics with humanly impossible tricks. And it was amazing. The SSX of this generation, maintained a lot of what was set forth by its predecessors, but it also tried to make the game feel more realistic by stripping away the fanfare, and sending its boarders to the back trails of someone of the world's most intimidating mountains. While that was all well and good, the game seemed to be missing something; it was fun, but it wasn't exciting. The Mount Eddie DLC should change all that by offering one decent that looks like it could have been plucked right out of the original, PlayStation 2 launch title, SSX.

As one of the biggest courses in the game, Mount Eddie offers nine different drops, and, no matter whether it’s a race or trick-based challenge, the competition is fierce. Like many of the other events in the game, taking top spot in these challenges won't be easy. On the up side, there will be some familiar faces kicking your butt as you head down the hill, because in addition to the Mount Eddie DLC, EA is also offering an additional Classic Character pack. Featuring "retro" versions of seven different characters (Elise, Eddie, Kaori, Mac, Moby, Psymon, and Zoe) is just one more way that EA is trying to relive the franchise's glory days. Having these classic characters take on a Tricky inspired course truly feels like SSX has graduated to high-def in style.

The one downside of picking up the extra characters is that they all new characters, and not just skins for the ones that come packed in with the game. This means that any leveling or items that you've unlocked for the original Zoe or Kaori won't be ported over to the "retro" versions. It's not a huge setback though, as one drop from the top of Mount Eddie should get you up to at least level 4, and net you enough coins to by some legit gear.

Whether you picked up SSX and found yourself disappointed with the new direction of the series, or you loved it, Mount Eddie definitely ups the fun factor of the game. Hopefully this is just the first taste of the classic SSX look and feel, and the next release won't stray so far from the features that made it a classic. While the classic characters aren't necessary, you can pick up a DLC combo pack for just $7.99, or you can get either Mount Eddie or the Classic Characters for $5.99 a piece on Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network.

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