'Colors! 3D' Review - Getting More Artistic With Your 3DS

One of the most underrated features of the Nintendo 3DS is that it still comes packed with an input device, commonly known as a stylus, to compliment its touchscreen. Whereas most touch-based technology has stepped away from offering an instrument other than human fingers to interface with its screens, the 3DS has separated itself from its contemporaries by holding on to a seemingly dying tech. However, the thing about the 3DS' stylus is that it offers precision, something fat fingers just can't compete with, because of this, the 3DS can offer much more artistically driven applications, like the recently released eShop title, Colors! 3D. It's a robust drawing application that can allow 3DS owners to doodle or create some amazing digital artwork, and do it in 3D.

Colors! 3D is the product of what a little dedication and experimentation can produce. The original Colors! was created as a homebrew app for the original DS, by Jens Andersson, and became quite popular amongst the development scene. It filled a void for the system that was left by licensed developers; there was no easy-to-use drawing program for a system that seemed tailor made for one. Eventually, development for the program shifted over to releases for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but recently the developer, Collecting Smiles, came full circle, releasing this updated, licensed version on the 3DS.

While the most obvious upgrade for the 3DS release is the ability to create images on up to five different planes, creating a 3D effect, Colors! 3D is so much more than a one trick pony. It is, in fact, a robust little app that virtually anyone can pick up and start creating miniature masterpieces with in seconds. It's no photoshop, but it's not too far away, and it's nowhere near as intimidating. While a couple more brush options would have been appreciated, Colors! supplies just about everything a budding artists will need to complete their creations, except for the talent.

Alongside the basic tools, Colors! leans on the technology to offer a few bells and whistles that you might not expect to find in a drawing application. For example, there's "co-op multiplayer" that allows anyone to share their piece with a friend, and have them collaborate while it's being worked on. Additionally, once you've created something that you think is worthy of sharing, there's an entire Colors! community just waiting for you to upload your image to. Alternatively, you can export your image at either 800x480 or 1600x960 resolutions and do whatever you want to with it.

From creating simple stick figures to elaborate landscapes, Colors! 3D offers a great way to brush up on your art skills on the go. Going from homebrew to licensed release is no easy feat, and to do it so gracefully really proves the level of thought and consideration that went into crafting this release. While it may seem like Colors! 3D is for the more artistic 3DS owners, it's actually been designed to appeal to everyone. With a simple interface, a ton of options, staggering community support, and some samples to get you going, Colors! 3D is the best way to doodle on your 3DS. With a price tag of just $6.99, someone with even an ounce of artistic talent can dabble without putting a bite on their wallet, hopefully creating a piece that they would be proud to share with their friends, or the world.

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