The Binding of Isaac DLC Due Late May, Contains a Buttload of New Sh*t

By Jeffrey Matulef

The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy creator, Edmund McMillen, announced on his now defunct Twitter account that The Binding of Isaac's DLC, The Wrath of the Lamb, will be coming out in late May for $3.

"There is a lot of there is a lot of extra sh*t in this damn thing. We have been working on it longer than the actual game," McMillen tweeted. (He didn't really use an asterisk, but think of the children!) According to a NeoGAF roundup of his prior tweets, said sh*t includes:

-10 new challenges

-7+ new random happenings

-5 new ultra rare pickups

-5 new cards

-4 new pills

-10+ bosses

-100+ items

-20+ enemies

-4 chapters

-1 character

-6 rooms

-40+ unlocks

-4+ new tracks

-1 new, final ending

-A buttload of new achievements

McMillen also expressed that he had planned to release a new trailer last Wednesday, but "sh*t piled up" and he had to push the game back enough as is. Given that The Binding of Isaac is about a naked child fighting monsters with his tears, picking up booty in feces, and using his mom's tampon to aid him in combat, I think it's a safe bet that this new sh*t will be pretty f*cked up.

[Source: EurogamerNeoGAF]

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