Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter Concludes a Massive Success

By Jeffrey Matulef

We already knew that Shadowrun Returns met its Kickstarter goal the day after it began, but that didn't stop rabbid fans from giving it their all to make it the best -- or at least most highly funded -- game they could make it. Now that the Kickstarter has winded down, the final tally came in at a whopping $1,895,772 (including PayPal), nearly quintuple the original goal of $400,000.

"You guys have just amazed us. You've inspired us. You've exceeded every expectation we had," said original Shadowrun creator, Jordan Weisman, who's heading the development of Shadowrun Returns at this company, Harebrained Studios.

Shadowrun was created by Weisman in 1989 as a pen and paper RPG. It later spawned videogames on the SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega CD (never released outside of Japan), and a moderately received first-person shooter for the Xbox (which Weisman had no involvement in).

Weisman wants to bring Shadowrun back to its roots with Shadowrun Returns. He describes it as, "a graphically rich 2D tactical, turn-based adventure with highly contextual gameplay that really emphasizes Shadowrun's unique blend of men, magic, and machines." He goes on to mention the level editor that will ensure that players can create their own stories in the Shadowrun universe, and not just play through what the developers created.

Shadowrun Returns will be released on PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets, with a Linux port planned afterwards. The estimated release is January, 2013.

[Source: Eurogamer, Kickstarter]

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