A Slew of Revelations About 'God of War: Ascension'

A Q&A featuring the game's director Todd Papy gets into some of the what and why of the God of War prequel. Also: multiplayer!

The biggest piece of news from this morning's Q&A about God of War: Ascension: Kratos will no longer be struggling to open chests with frantic button presses. "The Ghost of Sparta" will straight up be smashing them open.

Chest-smashing aside, longtime God of War Game Director Todd Papy discussed some of the motivations and goals about Ascension's multiplayer, along with a shot-by-shot breakdown of the new footage they released recently. First and foremost, Papy wants to assure fans of the series that the new multiplayer mode will not come at the expense of the single-player. At the same time, one of their goals was to get the brutal violence of the single player into to team multi modes. Offering eight-player multiplayer (with teams from 2-4), the factions are based on the game's fiction, with one side representing the Spartans, the other side, the Trojans.

The classes are defined by diety: Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, and Hades. And as with every known class-based multiplayer game in existence at this point, your class will determine your loadout (albeit with a strict melee focus). Sorry, Kratos won't be a playable character ("I just didn't want eight Kratoses running around," Papy explained), but your multiplayer character will be customizable, from his costume, armor, weapons, and possibly tattoos.

When showing off the multiplayer traversal, Papy talked about consulting with the Uncharted team about what they'd learned from taking their own series online. With regards to the Spartans and Trojans scrambling across walls, the God of War team opted to speed up the character actions across and around the walls on the map.

Based on the footage on display, I was reminded of Killzone 2's playlist-style multiplayer mode: specifically, after one objective is completed (here a capture the flag, essentially), it segues into the next on another part of the map (attack and defend), all the while with both teams under attack by a cyclopean giant called a Megalops (in this case, Polyphemus, based on the original cyclops from The Odyssey).

Speaking of the single-player mode, Tyler Bates will be the new composer for Ascension. Bates is the composer behind Watchmen, 300, and Army of Two: the 40th Day. Papy also revealed that Ascension will take place before the PSP prequel, Chains of Olympus, showing the "softer" side of Kratos (relative to his normally fantastically brutal side). Kratos will still be wielding his Blades of Chaos, but other elements of his design will reflect the shift back to an earlier point in the character's history.

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