Non-Gaming Game News For the Week of 4/27

Finished with Mass Effect? Well Dark Horse's Mass Effect comics aren't finished with you. Meanwhile, Taito has a fifth classic soundtrack collection on the way and Yahtzee writes another novel.

Mass Effect: Homeworlds #1, or "Everything you always wanted to know about James Vega but were afraid to ask...

Dark Horse comics is back with another Mass Effect miniseries, this one providing a single issue spotlight on a character from the game, with each script provided by the writer responsible for that character in Mass Effect 3. First up is Mac Walter (who wrote the Invasion miniseries), giving tatted-up space Marine James Vega a closer look. The story features Vega on Earth (although it's unclear if it's before or during the invasion). You can check out a few sample pages from the issue on the Dark Horse site.

Jam with Yahtzee's second novel

Ben Crowshaw, sometimes known as Yahtzee, more commonly known as the fantastically foul-mouthed (and just as often erudite) mind behind Zero Punctuation published his first novel, Mogworld back in 2010 and now he's got his first followup Jam, on the way in October. Mogworld is coming to your preferred e-reader and as a bonus, it'll include the first chapter of Jam, which is described as "[taking] the prophecies of the Mayans and turns them on their ear, with a twist on the apocalypse that no one could have expected!"

One for our kanji readers...

Storied game company Taito has been quietly releasing a series of classic game soundtracks over the last couple of years. The fifth volume in the series, Retro Game Music Collection Shooting Cluster is on the way, and you can check it out at this link. The nine-game OST contains tracks from shooters like Bio-Attack (1983) and Darius (1986). The new album drops on May 30th, but given my lack of proficiency in Japanese, I'm sadly unable to give you pricing and ordering details.

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