New Play Control! Pikmin 2 Coming to North America This June

By Jeffrey Matulef

In order to coincide with the announcement of a brand new Pikmin game at E3, North America will finally receive the definitive version of Pikmin 2 with its impending Wii release. GoNintendo has scans of the new Nintendo Power announcing New Play Control! Pikmin 2.

The 2004 real-time strategy/adventure/dungeon crawling hybrid received rave reviews at the time and fans have been clamoring for a Wii version for years. In 2009 we saw the Wii release of the excellent New Play Control! Pikmin, which while great, left players wanting the same treatment for its bigger and better sequel. Curiously, this enhanced version of Pikmin 2 has been out since early 2009 in Europe and Japan, but North America will just now be getting it. Better late than never, eh?

Source: [GoNintendo via Joystiq]

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