Non-Gaming News: Elijah Wood Joins Season 10 of 'Red vs. Blue'

The machinima series gets the Lord of the Rings actor as its YouTube channel crosses a cool billion viewers.

A fixture on the machinima scene, Red vs. Blue tells of the ongoing struggle between the two factions of power-suited soldiers on a mysterious planet. Well, kind of. It's mostly about a bunch of knuckleheads trying to figure out how they got there, what's happening next, and how the heck they can get home.

Here's some info from the press release:

Co-directed by Burnie Burns and Matt Hullum, Red vs. Blue humorously chronicles a civil war being waged by two equally hapless armies. The Red Team and the Blue Team are fighting a battle that they know very little about and have no clue how to win. This truly original narrative is told using machinima from the Xbox® game Halo® and stunning CGI animation. The result of this innovative combination is the hilarious story of a non-committal struggle to control the least desirable place in the universe.

The 10th season of Red vs. Blue will bring the conclusion of the Project Freelancer story line and welcome new members of the team. Elijah Wood (Lord Of The Rings Trilogy) joins the cast of Red vs. Blue this season as the voice of the artificial intelligence program, "Sigma."

"After meeting the folks at Rooster Teeth a couple years ago, I was pleased to be asked to provide a voice for Red vs Blue. The character of Sigma, shifty and deceptive, was fun to bring to life," said Elijah Wood (Lord Of The Rings Trilogy).

The Red vs. Blue season 10 premiere will be available exclusively on the Rooster Teeth site starting May 28th.

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