'Resident Evil' Creator Shinji Mikami Teases New Survival Horror Game, 'Zwei'

[UPDATE] Looks like a teaser screenshot has emerged over at Eurogamer. Thanks Jeff!

The Capcom veteran lays out his role in the first game from his new company, Tango Gameworks.

While his Resident Evil 2 collaborator Keiji Inafune's been out there delivering some tough love to the Japanese game industry, Shinji Mikami has been quietly plugging away at a new project currently codenamed "Zwei" which will return him to the survival horror genre.

The first venture for Mikami since the release of Vanquish at Platinum Games/Sega, "Zwei" finds him working with Bethesda who will be handling publishing duties (Zenimax, Bathesda's parent company owns Tango Gameworks). While he didn't talk gameplay, story, or platforms, Mikami did reveal that "Zwei" has been in active planning since 2010 with development having started only recently. Mikami will be acting in a executive director role, the same position he held on Vanquish.

Unfortunately, Mikami didn't come armed with any screens or concept art, but we'll keep on the lookout. Right now, Tango is staffing up and looking for programmers, so don't expect to hear anything major from "Zwei" until it's cooked for a little while.

[Source: Sukoho via Andriasang]

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