Gravity Rush Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

By Jeffrey Matulef

If you're anything like me and own a PlayStation Vita, you're probably wondering where all the good games are. After a fairly impressive launch line-up there hasn't been much to convince me that it's worth hoisting around in the weeks since. That should soon change when Gravity Rush comes out June 12th in the US.

For those not familiar with it, Gravity Rush is an absolutely gorgeous cel-shaded adventure game/platformer about manipulating gravity to run along walls and ceilings. It's been out for a few months in Japan where it's received rave reviews, leading many to believe that this could be the PS Vita's first killer app.

Those who pre-order at participating retailers (i.e. Gamestop and Amazon) will be treated to the free Military DLC pack, which contains two extra side missions, two new challenge missions, and a snazzy pink military outfit for protagonist, Kat.

The PlayStation Blog details the two new side missions. One is entitled "Game Rules," which unlocks after Episode 17 of the main story and allows Kat to train as a military officer. Complete this and the next bonus mission, "Visionary Courage" opens up, wherein Kat has to decide between helping her friends and completing a mission.

The two challenge missions, "Factory Energy Gate Race 2" an "Slide Race in Another Dimension" will unlock after Episodes 8 and 11 respectively.

Now the real question is why does Kat wear such a short skirt while defying gravity? That seems like a recipe for disaster.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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