New Game Releases For the Week of 4/24: Goopy, Bloody Bits

Prototype 2 leads the pack, while The Walking Dead shambles its way onto consoles and PC in this week's batch of new releases.

Title: Prototype 2

Platform(s): PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Because of a mixture of skepticism and laziness, I didn't link to this piece from a couple of weeks back citing an analyst claiming that Prototype 2 would struggle to crack 500k copies sold. Because the game had yet to crack the Amazon Top 100 preorders, finacial analyst Doug Creutz of Cowen and Company believes that Prototype 2 isn't connecting with gamers. Did the first game leave that bad a taste in the mouths of general audiences? I remember Radical's first game in the series definitely having some polish issues but not enough so that it'd make me reject a sequel outright.

You can check out our preview from February here, where our own Kevin Kelly had some very good things to say about the sequel.

Title: The Walking Dead

Platform(s): PC, PS3, Mac, Xbox 360

Alright zombie adventure game, you and I have a date sometime this week. While I haven't had a chance to play The Walking Dead yet, it's a title I've been following closely since Telltale Games announced that they'd acquired the license. I've been a fan of Robert Kirkman's zombie apocalypse comic for a while (less so of the AMC series—it and I are quits), and I've been curious to see how the storytellers behind Sam and Max might be able to tap into the grim tone of The Walking Dead. I think puzzles and missions and all of that aside, capturing the soap opera and occasionally hysterical drama of The Walking Dead will be the key to its success as an adaptation for me personally.

Title: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Platform(s): iPhone

I want to be skeptical about the success of MvC2 on the teeny tiny iPhone screen, but Capcom has been able to make frenetic fighting game action happen on that device in the past. Plus, I kind of like the idea of the long drought of Marvel vs. Capcom being remedied in the last couple of years by seeming ubiquity across every conceivable platform.

Now where's our iPad version?

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