Aim Your Sights at This New 'Crysis 3' Trailer

The Big Apple is in a state of crysis (cue eye-roll) in the debut trailer for EA's 3rd installment of the popular shooter.

It's unsure if you'll be taking over the nanosuit as Crysis 2's Alcatraz, but one thing's certain- you'll be hunting the remaining 'cephs' in the literal urban jungle that has taken over NYC. Highlighting the intense action is a new hi-tech bow, undoubted used by players who fancy a stealthier take down; as well as, massive explosions, gut wrenching melee kills, and all sorts of high impacting shooting. Additionally, you'll have all the traditional upgrades and abilities, like cloaking, super-strength, and enhanced speed, provided by futuristic technology.

No announced release date has been confirmed but the trailer ends with a promise of alien bashing next year on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360!

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