'Super Collapse 3' The Latest Title to be Pulled From PSN Due to Exploit Fears

The GameHouse-developed puzzler is potentially the latest title targeted by the PS Vita exploit, Vita Half-Byte Loader (VHBL).

It only took 24 hours after the game's release on PSN for the hackers at Wololo to announce that they'd successfully exploited Super Collapse 3 to worth with VHBL, and just like that, Sony pulled the game from PSN.

While Wololo claims that the exploit found in Super Collapse 3 doesn't allow users to play pirated games, it was certainly enough to Sony to take notice. This brings to mind a broader question (or two, actually): what kind of vetting is Sony doing for outgoing software in the wake of the revelation of the VHBL exploit? Every day that these games are unavailable, it's less coin for Sony and the devs (maybe less relevant for Hot Shots and Motorstorm which are both much older titles "suspended" by Sony). The second question is what is the rubric for Sony's response here? Are they actively making a check against Wololo's claims and then pulling the titles in question or just doing so preemptively? It's admirable that Sony is being vigilant about maintaining the security of their new platform, but I hope they have coherent and clear processes in place for identifying and removing games from PSN and not doing so just because a group of hackers brags about it.

[Source: Gamepolitics]

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