'Resistance: Burning Skies' Adds Survival Mode

An eight-player "Infection"-style Survivor mode joins the growing list of multiplayer features for the PS Vita Resistance title.

The new mode, simply called "Survival Mode," starts with asymmetrical teams of six and two, with the team of six playing as humans and the two as the extraterrestrial Chimera. When the Chimera players kill of the humans, those players are in turn transformed into Chimera until all of the human players are wiped out, with the winner being the player who remains human the longest. According to the PlayStation Blog post where this was announced, there will be a timer counting down how long the survivors last and from the sound of it, these matches might just go on and on if you have a skilled enough player on the human side.

Resistance: Burning Skies was developed by Nihilistic Software and is coming to the PS Vita on May 29th in the U.S.

[Source PlayStation Blog Europe]

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