The Walking Dead Seek Your Brains on PC, Mac, and PSN Tomorrow

By  Jeffrey Matulef

Telltale Games, the prolific publisher behind such light-hearted adventure fare as Sam & Max: Beyond Space and Time, Tales of Monkey Island, and Back to the Future: The Game is taking a substantially darker turn with their episodic series based on Robert Kirkman's Eisner award-winning comic series, The Walking Dead. The game is based purely on the world of the comic books rather than the TV show and it will be canon to the graphic novels with Kirkman playing an active role in its development. The first episode, "A New Day," will arrive tomorrow on PC, Mac, and PSN.

Each episode will be priced at $5, but there are discounts available for pre-orders and bundles. On PC and Mac you can preorder the entire series for $22.49 (saving 10%). Or, for an extra $20, get it along with Telltale's "Almost Everything Pack," which includes, well, almost everything. Elsewhere, PSN users can buy the season bundle for $19.99 (saving 20%). This also comes with a nifty premium theme to boot.

The Walking Dead will not only be a tonal departure from the rest of Telltale's repertoire, but it will exhibit a structural change as well. There will be elements of the studio's more traditional point-and-click adventures, but it will be more action packed where you'll have to make quick decisions that affect the the story. For example, two people might be in grave danger, and you can only save one. As they say, with great zombie killing power comes great zombie killing responsibility.

[Source: PlayStation Blog and Telltale Games, via Joystiq]

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