'Black Ops 2' Announcement On the Way Next Tuesday?

The Call of Duty page is teasing an announcement for May 1st. Are we finally getting a Black Ops 2 announcement?

Spring is here and that means it's about time for Activision to announce the next Call of Duty title to grace our consoles and PCs this fall. And given that we just got a new Modern Warfare from Infinity Ward last year, that means it's time for Treyarch's turn at bat. Over at the Call of Duty site, Activision has posted a countdown ticker suggesting that you might want to watch the NBA Playoffs on May 1st.

However, we can probably expect something a mite earlier as one of the greyed-out windows has an April 25th date. This will likely the reveal/teaser and the May 1st Playoff announcement is the actual trailer for what will probably be a late October release.

We'll see later this week when the first announcement is presumably made.

[Source: Gamespot]

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