Capcom Lays Out 'Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor' Preorder Exclusives

Check out this batch of retailer-specific preorder incentives for Capcom's Kinect Mech shooter.

With the June release date of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor around the corner, Capcom has sent along the inevitable list of preorder DLC deals if you're so inclined to drop your dollars early for the game. The DLC will include customization pieces for your VT (vertical tank) that will presumably allow you to do even more damage on the virtual battlefield.

You can find the game's synopsis and preorder details below:

Set in 2082, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor depicts a world devoid of computers, where war is waged with rudimentary weapons as new superpowers struggle for dominance. In this low-tech era there is one weapon class that will determine the course of the war – the Vertical Tank. Players take on the role of VT pilot Sgt. Powers as the battle to regain the United States from Chinese occupation begins.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor will be released on the Xbox 360 on June 19th.

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