New Video Games For the Week of 4/17: Witch One Were You Again?

A pretty slim week for releases, but that doesn’t matter, since there’s more than enough to keep you busy if you’re picking up The Witcher 2 which makes its console debut on the 360. Or, if you’re kind of pressed for time this week, there’s always the short and sweet pleasures of a new House of the Dead game coming to the PS3

Title: The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition

Platform(s): Xbox 360

I’m still pretty early into my time with CD Projekt Red’s port of their award-winning dark fantasy RPG The Witcher 2, so it’s difficult for me to form anything close to a firm opinion on the game. I will say that three or four hours in: there’s definitely some dark fantasy RPG action going on here.

Alright, that’s cheap: the first couple of hours of the game are pretty thick with details about the fantasy world in which The Witcher 2 is set, and maybe it’s just because I’ve been on a Game of Thrones kick lately, but the interweaving political intrigues, sex, and violence are kind of pulling me in, even if I haven’t quite gotten an affinity for the mechanics (which still bear the whiff of their PC origins).

Title: House of the Dead 4

Platform(s): PS3

With its arcade release way back in ’05, House of the Dead 4 could probably still be considered the first HD-ready entry in the light gun series’ history. It’s a step back from the winking, grindhouse aesthetic of Overkill, and a more direct successor of other games in the series that don’t strictly have anything to do with houses and sometimes even less to do with the dead.

Still, someone has to keep the flame alive for light gun games, if only so they can be perfected for the current generation and returned to their former place of time-eating glory.

Title: Trials Evolution

Platform(s): XBLM

Speaking of time sinks, the first Trials was crazy addictive when it was released a couple of years back. The dirt bike stunt racing game could easily eat up hours as you tried to master each of the tracks, getting your time just right or figuring out how to overcome the many elaborate jumps set up throughout each course. The promise of a sequel is a welcome one, and this one comes with four player multiplayer. That right there alone makes it a must buy.

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